Josie Taglienti is a well estalblished artist based in the USA whose arworks are selected for exhibitions and awards the world over. The prestigious London Art Biennale, UK, and the Chianciano Art Museum in Italy have both selected this artist for international exhibits of contemporary art. An institutional success closely followed by personal and corporate collections all around the world. Taglienti is regarded as a talented and experimental artist with a wonderful gift of perception and intese creative energy.

"I have an addiction to fibrous paper. Silent words flow through my fingers into the chalk. Communication with the paper begins. I scribble into the fiber. The paper resists. I have not a clue  about its direction until it begins to speak, as a life of its own. Often it needs time and Space. I move away. Signaling when to return, it tells me what to do. I have to be listening with my eyes".

Taglienti’s innate talent was first revealed when at the age of 4 she started painting prone on the floor with a wet brush and children’s watercolours.

“I carried the brush everywhere, dipping it in plain water, sans colour, making harmless marks on everything. When I did not have my brush or pencil, I traced the faces of people in my environment with my tongue, on the roof of my mouth. This tic became a cohort well into adulthood, and lingers still.”

Taglienti is a descendant of the 16th century scribe and master calligrapher, Giovanni Antonio Taglienti, and therefore is born from a family rich in tradition. Seeing the initial signs of artistic creativity, Taglienti's parents immediately understood their daughter’s inclination and always sustained and encouraged her to follow her passion.

Josie completed her studies at the Minneapolis College of Art And Design, where she acquired the training in drawing and painting that continues to provide the basis for her thought process. In those years she was first inspired by Oskar Kokoschka who was directing students to use more color - an influence that had a great impact on Josie's art.

Later, Marcus Orellius Renzetti in Arden, Delaware, who through long conversations and quick charcoal interpretations allowed Taglienti to find her path.

From the age of 17, struggling to creatively comprehend the method and thought process of abstraction, absorbing dissertations on ZEN, hoping to discover the ultimate method of painting, she then turned to endless doodling on paper plates and to all mediums to create art while waiting for the secret to reveal itself. She has graduated from the need to understand anything about the nature of making art. It is an internal force which explodes; generous elation. This joy fills the process and becomes the process itself; the end result is Its own decision.

After many years of painting on cloths and canvas, she felt the need to explore something different. A different strenght, texture, receptivity and ability to hold her swift attacks of colour: this is why paper became her new companion.

Papers and Egyptian Papyrus is an aesthetic experience, often resistant, always a challenge. The pleasure and struggle of resistance brings to mind an early art school experience, at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, which favored abstract expressionism of the late 50's.

However, her obsession has always been intense colour, with images drawn from imagination and current thought.


Left - Josie Taglienti with the Mayor of Kenginston and Chelsea durng the London Biennale
Right - Josie Taglienti